Mission statement

Église de la Grace Church exists to continually be making more disciples for Jesus. Matthew 28:19

Our Vision;

We want to be a Church where anyone feels welcome, everyone grows deeper and together we go further.

We carry out our MISSION and VISION in the following ways


We believe that The Church is meant to Gather. Gather to worship, gather to encourage and gather to be equipped. We do this in three ways. Gather Big. On Sundays and on other special occasions we gather together as a large group in order to celebrate, worship and to launch us into the week on mission. Gather Small. We believe in community, and that community happens best in smaller groups. This is where we can share, laugh and grow together as we read, pray or even just share a common interest together. Gather and Laugh. We need to be honest, we really like to have fun. And we believe fun should not happen only in small group settings, or at parties. Rather, we genuinely believe that Church should be fun.


It is our desire and passion for every single person, regardless of age, to Grow in their faith every day. Grow Deep. We believe that we need to be people of prayer and people who read The Bible. We want to be people who take responsibility for our own faith. This depth will then help us to Grow Wide in our influence. Out of a deep relationship with God we want to see every person live out the mission, on their street, in their schools, in their workplaces and in their families. This is how we live the Mission. Grow Strong. If we are going to outlast the hard times which life brings, we are going to need to be strong in our relationship with God. This only happens as we Gather and Grow together!


Some people believe that all the Church wants is their money but in most cases that simply is not true. Most Churches just want the best for you and for you to be part of what God is doing in the community where you live. Give Time. Time is our most valuable resource we have and we believe that to be part of the mission of the Church and Jesus, it is going to cost us time. Give Talents and Giftings. God has given all of us specific and unique gifts and talents. We believe it is important to use those talents to make a difference in the world around you. Give Generously. We encourage you to be generous with both your time and your talents, the Church needs you but more importantly, the world needs you. When we Gather, Grow and Give it puts us on a path to something greater than ourselves.


That path is to Go. In Matthew 28:19-20 tells His disciples to Go into all the world and preach the Gospel. However, that call is not solely for Jesus’ disciples – it is for us too. That doesn’t mean you have to stand in front of a church and preach, but it does mean our lives have a mission and purpose which is to Go. Go Near. We believe we are called to Go Near, to walk across the room, the street or your workplace and show love to your neighbor. Go Far. Sometimes God calls us to go further than we feel comfortable, maybe you feel like texting someone but maybe God is calling you to visit them instead.. Going Far is about going the extra mile because of what Christ is doing in our hearts. Go Anywhere. Now this is tough, but as people who love and serve Jesus we need to be willing to go anywhere he asks us to go. We ask questions like, would you move to a different city to follow the call? Would you switch jobs if He asked? Would you leave the comforts of home and go serve in the mission field? Disciples go Near, Far, Anywhere.

Mission/Vision is really important around here and we would love for you to Gather, Grow, Give, and Go as part of an amazing group of people that want to love and serve the best we can.