Mariah Hazzard

Kid's Pastor

Mariah Hazzard began working at Grace Church in 2013 after her graduation from Bible College. Having decided to follow Jesus at the age of 13 via our Youth Ministry God have her the desire to lead her own people, the Acadian people. She leads Mighty Kids with passion, detail and a sincere love for those she leads. Mariah plays a significant role in the overall Church as well. It’s an incredible thing to find Jesus and lead others to Him in the same setting. She is a true example of how God transforms lives when we allow Him to. 

Mariah was Ordained in 2016 and is now Rev. Mariah Hazzard. She married shortly after and her husband Nathan brings Leadership to various roles in Grace Church as well. 

We are incredibly blessed to have her gifts and skills in Leadership at Grace Church. 

Fun fact about Mariah, her humour will make you laugh until you cry! Also, she can drink a whole slushy in 2 minutes without getting brain freeze! 

Mighty Kids happens each Wednesday night from 6:30-8:00 for grades K-6.

Might Kids Islanders happens each Tuesday night on Indian Island from 5:00-6:00 for grades K-6.

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